Creative Personal Branding is an experience-based learning and coaching model developed by Jürgen Salenbacher. 
The model, which takes personality as its starting point, focusses on four qualities which are key in the creative economy today: substance, style, conviction and grace.

Salenbacher coaches creatives minds, entrepreneurs and teams how to foster those four qualities, and how to combine design and brand thinking with personal development. 


The real question is: what is left if you take creativity out of the economy? 

The United Nations’ Conference on Trade and Development Creative Economy Report 2008 defined the emerging ‘creative economy’ as: 

«a set of knowledge-based economic activities with a development dimension and cross-cutting linkages at macro and micro levels to the overall economy, holding the potential to foster income generation, job creation and export earnings while promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development.»

At the heart of the creative economy, according to the UN Report, are the «creative industries», defined as:

«the cycles of creations, production and distribution of goods and services that use creativity and intellectual capital as primary inputs.»


The creative economy needs individuals with an open and positive mindset, new skills and competences. The European Parliament and Council recommends eight key competences for life-long learning:

1 — Communication in your mother tongue
2 — Communication in a foreign language
3 — Mathematical competence and basic competence in science and technology
4 — Digital competence

5 — Learning to learn
6 — Social and civic competence
7 — Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
8 — Cultural awareness and expression

Jürgen Salenbacher believes an entrepreneurial mindset can, and should, embrace human moral dimensions.


CPB-lab delivers essentials for the creative economy: books, workshops, one-to-one coaching, talks, lectures and expert panels. CPB’s list is growing constantly in response to the ever-changing environment of the creative economy.

CPB-lab is driven by two big ideas.

1 — Opportunity favours the prepared mind. 
2 — We urgently need change makers and visionaries to lead the creative economy. 



This short film, cpb-lab’s first production, was shot in May 2011. Thank you to Stefan Pfeil, acclaimed for his creative commercials, for working on the project. The film grew around a thought-provoking statistic that I discovered two years ago while researching the book. Stefan, Simon, Marc, Zakir and I exchanged ideas on how to develop that into a film for a couple of weeks. The final shoot took just a few hours. The film shows how two cpb-lab ideas work: - Most great things in life are not logical. - Start now and not tomorrow. We would like to thank Barcelona’s IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and W-Hotel, where we shot the film, for their support. The hotel suite was the perfect space for us to work with some of the city’s best young talent. We chose the location not just for its panoramic overview of a great creative city, but also to lend the young couple the perspective we all need to see our future clearly. By working intensely together we made the film in the space of a day. It is dedicated to all those who are inspired by the new creative economy – who want to participate and collaborate - but have not yet taken the plunge. The song says it all: go where dreams go!