Everybody faces the same question at some point: “What should I do next?”

This app aims to help you identify where to go next, why, how to get there and with whom!

In so doing it will help you develop personal positioning and unique creative personal brand, the essence of who you are and what you have to offer the world. 

Browse through sections as you wish, but we strongly recommend that you answer the questions and carry out the assignments given at the end of each section.

You can also input your thoughts and ideas in the app and send them to your private email and / or print them out to keep. It’s a very productive way to work.

And that way, over time, you will build up a great document that defines a strategy for your future in the creative economy and answer a key question: what’s next?

There is no end to this process, and there shouldn’t be. Through it you will keep finding new and relevant information, so it is a good idea to redo the process every three to six months. 

But there is just one start.
Some day is today. Start now. And above all, enjoy!