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It’s all about people, about you. Much of what happens around us is the result of how we learn, reflect, act and feel – about others and about ourselves. When we inspire, facilitate and coach people, awesome things begin to happen. Explore with us what you have to offer the world. All we do with individuals and organisations is about profiling, positioning & personal growth.

Some day is today. Start now! For further information and availability please call +34 - 633 213 453 or contact j.salenbacher@cpb-lab.com.


The executive leadership coaching is one of the most efficient and effective approaches to profiling, positioning & personal growth of your brand. We call it personalised professional development. 


Start your personalised learning journey on your phone, reflect and reframe your mindset, create a new vision and connect with the people who can help you to grow and differentiate your positioning.


Creative Personal Branding is a unique resource for creative minds, entrepreneurs and teams, and a great start to answer “what’s next”? More than 10.000 copies of the book have been sold to readers in nearly 90 countries.