Photo@Anna Michno

Photo@Anna Michno

Jürgen Salenbacher’s clients range from freelancers, entrepreneurs to business owners – in other words, anyone in search of personal insights, awareness of opportunities and confidence to lead the future. He uses his six-step model to help individuals unleash their potential to define what makes them distinct. From that starting point he co-creates a strategy to deal with the challenges they face: career transition, job promotion, changing markets, life choices.

CPB coaching accompanies individuals in all walks of life move on to create vision for their work and personal life.

Keywords: Hybrid Knowledge, From T-Shape to X-Shape, Awareness, Personal Digital Brand, monetise your skills...

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Photo@Simon Hüsler

Photo@Simon Hüsler

How to navigate digital complexity and cultural diversity? In the new worldwide market, where diversity and digital complexity grows every day, teams need to develop an intrinsic agile culture based on principles of customer-centricity, iterative development and cross-functional collaboration to develop creative leadership. 

CPB-Lab designs learning by doing experiences that challenge teams to foster an agile and lean culture.

In his workshops Salenbacher facilitates talents and teams to acquire these skills to become a learning organisation with a culture that values change. We focus on three key principles: inspiration, collaboration, participation.

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Photo@Andres Treial

Photo@Andres Treial

CPB-Lab is built around a passion for digitale business transformation, digitale design thinking, business design thinking, cultural diversity, communication, personal development and creative leadership. Sometimes we go public on the talking! Jürgen Salenbacher participates in panel-discussions, conferences and events. 

Recent talks: 

  • Wired Next Festival Florence, Italy

  • Selected Europe Bilbao, Spain

  • Design Austria Forum Vienna, Austria

  • Swiss Creative Week Zurich, Switzerland

  • HSLU Lucerne Design Manager's Talk

  • ADC Europe High Potential Conference Barcelona

  • Conscious Initiative Conference Tallin, Estonia

  • IED Design Management Roca Barcelona Gallery

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