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Creative Personal Branding® Canvas

The Creative Personal Branding® Canvas helps you to develop creative leadership, get an overview of your current professional and personal life situation and help you to evaluate it. By working with this canvas you can identify your goals and actions needed to achieve them. This is a tool that helps you to use your unique knowledge and experience to find new ideas and strategies to implement them.

The Canvas - Creative Personal Branding
ISBN-13. 978-84-09-06239-3.
Categories: Education / Personal / Marketing
Format: A5, unfolded A2
Language: English

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Step 1 — Prepare & Answer
Prepare yourself to be in a right mood, be attentive but not tensioned (e.g. put your favorite music, meditate) and answer honestly the questions of the canvas without overthinking them. Write the questions down on the post-its and put them on the canvas. You can work with colors, e.g.

Step 2 — Identify Pain Points
After having given yourself some time to reflect, identify your pain points, i.e. boxes you left out or did not see clear, and go over them again finding new options. Write them down on post-its.

Step 3 — Share it in a Three-Person Coaching
Share your answer in a three-person coaching by inviting persons you respect.

The Coachee: presents your canvas so if it was her/his own. The Coach: questions and listens, summarizing. The Observer: writes down notes on presentation and coaching skills, pitfalls and pain points.

Repeat the session changing the roles. But most important, enjoy it.


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